WASTE-TO-ENERGY – Parona (PV) Chimney
01 Luglio

WASTE-TO-ENERGY – Parona (PV) Chimney

  • 01 Luglio 2022

Impiantistica italiana – Year XXXIII – NUMBER 4 ANIMP

July – August 2022

Scandiuzzi was one of the companies selected by the Associazione Nazionale Impiantistica Industriale (ANIMP) to tell the story of one of their latest successful ventures in the Impiantistica Italiana magazine on July-August 2022.

We are talking about the project to expand the existing waste-to-energy plant in Parona (PV) owned by Lomellina Energia Srl - A2A Group.

As a subcontractor of Termokimik Corporation, Scandiuzzi Steel Constructions took over the detailed and executive design, workshop construction and finally the on-site erection of the plant's new steel chimney.

The new chimney is located at the end of the new waste-to-energy line and will serve as a flue gas outlet at the end of the industrial process and after treatment of the flue gases.

This is not Scandiuzzi's first experience in the industry, rather Scandiuzzi wants to celebrate the achievement of a new milestone. This latest work further increases the number of chimneys built since the Treviso company was founded.

Chimneys may look like a standard product, but this is not the case, each product is manufactured according to the requirements of the customer and the target plant. This is an indication of the versatility-flexibility of the company's skills, and certainly gives much more value to the experience Scandiuzzi Steel Constructions has gained.

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