SCANDIUZZI is equipped with a new PWHT furnace!
03 Febbraio

SCANDIUZZI is equipped with a new PWHT furnace!

  • 03 Febbraio 2019

February 2019

The new PWHT furnace it’s officially in operation at Brindisi #1 workshop.
The new furnace with cart bottom will allow thermal treatment of Scandiuzzi branded items by extending the welding joints, remove residual stresses and micro-structural changes that occur after welding has been completed. All in a single solution even for the heaviest and most bulky items.
Cart-bottom design is “in-and-out,” where the items are loaded on a track-mounted cart, which is after placed into the furnace to form the bottom of the heating chamber.
Internal usable dimensions are 18m (59′) long x 8m (28′) wide x 8m (28′) high with capacity is 20.000 Kg/Sq.m (4097 pounds/Sq.ft.).
At Scandiuzzi, we use only extremely reliable, high-velocity burners that also have low NOx emissions. Maximum operating temperature is 800°C (1472°F).
Uniform heat treating is absolutely vital to quality and reliability, and is achieved at the soak temperature ± 4°C (±39°F), with soak rate 100°C/h (212°F/h).
Common furnace services we provide include:
  • Hydrogen Removal
  • Normalizing Heat Treatment for steel
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (Stress relieving, annealing & Tempering)
  • Coating Curing
  • Refractory Drying
This is an important results for Brindisi #1 workshop, which will reduce time and cost for the heat treatment of tanks, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns, stacks, etc.
Facilitated also by the closed access to the Brindisi yard (only 1 Mi), which is increasingly used for sea shipments by Scandiuzzi
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